In this article, we learn how to merge branches in Visual Studio. I will show how to do it, and just follow the steps clearly.

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To overview the whole part. this article is about how to merging two deferent branches using visual studio. For more article about git just click this link here. and this is the previous article.

In this tutorial I prepared to branches which is “master” and “New_Branch“. New_Branch is created and used the previous article which is “Commit and Push changes to remote repo using Git in Visual Studio“. You can check or visit the article first for the reference of this article.

As we can see here, we have two branches in my local the master and New_Branch.

Now the Scenario is I need to merge the New_branch to master branch, because the updated branch is New_branch and I have changes commited and pushed last article. so in the case I need to merge it local. Somebody ask that we can do to by pull request merging in GitHub or any Repository. Yeah we can but in this case I will do for the purpose of this article.

First, we need to change the selected branch to master branch. as we see that the selected branch is New_Branch. To change the selected branch you need click the icon up and select the branch.

Now the selected branch is the master branch and next is to merge the New_Branch to master.

Again select the icon up and right click the selected merging branch and click the “Merge into current Branch”. it mean the branch New_Branch changes and update is applied and merging to master branch.

here is the log history indicated two branches are merging.

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