In this article, we learn how to Push local branch to GitHub using Git in Visual Studio . I will show how to do it, and just follow the steps clearly.

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To overview the whole part. this article is about how to Push the local branch to GitHub using Git in visual studio. for more article about git just click this link here. and this is the previous article.

Git PUSH means

The git push command is used to upload local repository content to a remote repository. Pushing is how you transfer commits from your local repository to a remote repo. It’s the counterpart to git fetch , but whereas fetching imports commits to local branches, pushing exports commits to remote branches. In this part I am using GitHub as my Remote version control repository.

Push local branch

To navigate the git Window you can see it right side of your visual studio beside the Solution Explorer.

but if not visible with you. you can go to the upper part of your visual studio.

To push the branch just click the Push icon.

upon executing the push, this will show that the branch is pushing to remote repo.

This notification show that your branch is available in remote repo.

Now we can see that our branch name “New_branch” is now available in my GitHub Remote Repo. its shown that there is two available branch the main or default branch name “master” and the new branch push name “New-Branch”.

Also you can validate it here in your Visual Studio by check the Remotes list branch under the repos name.

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