In this article, we learn how to Create or post to Git Repository in Visual Studio. I will show how to do it and just follow the steps clearly.

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I. Git mean?

GIT  is software for tracking changes in any set of files, usually used for coordinating work among programmers collaboratively developing source code during software development

II. GitHub?

GitHub, INC. is a hosting provider for software development and version control using Git. Its offers the distributed version control and source code management functionality of git, and have 56 million user by year 2021 and now going up and up.

III. Git vs GitHub?

Git vs. GitHub

again Git is more on your side and GitHub is on cloud. anyone can access your repos online if this is public or you give them access to it. and Git is manage your local repos connected with GitHub. every time your commit or push new changes the Git perform it and validate inter connected with GitHub if your Local branch is latest and match the Cloud branch in GitHub.

IV. Create/Push Repos in Visual Studio

First approach you can go to Git menu in upper part of your Visual Studio and you can see a Create Git Repository.

Or right part of the Visual Studio there is a Git Changes here but if this is not visible you can refer the first one.

Just click the Create Git Repository and there is window will appear.

here you can see that there is some field. Account it should your GitHub account and Owner it should your name or Owner name.

and Repository Name is by default it should the name of the project. so this is the last project I create during the previous Blog about .NET Core API using Entity Framework (EF) Code First Approach so now I make a article how to push it in GitHub. and there is a Description, you can add but this is optional. Next you can see the Private repos here have Check box. you can check that if you what your repos private and no one can access it without your permission. but in my case this is for the article. I will set at uncheck as a public so you can check it. the GitHub link is shown below the Private repository.

Now to make it Push to GitHub cloud hosting just click the button Create and Push.

Now you see that my Code or repos is already created. you can see the link below.

Link :

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