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My name is Jave, I am a Software Developer, Online Entrepreneur and Blog / Vlog Content Creator.

By the way this website is all about my profile portfolio in my journey of IT industry. I would like to share my experience on my day to day Job. Most of the topics are about Tutorials on Web Application, Desktop Application and any other web framework that specializes in MVC architecture.

I am BS Information technology (BSIT) by profession and 3 year’s as Software Developer. And part of QA/Tester Support Team of my previous company. Team responsibility is to ensure every software release is fully tested and we can guaranteed to client satisfaction. And currently part of Development team working to enhance business intelligent. To know more about me just click on any facebook icon found on this site or you can visit my youtube channel and might as well subscribe .

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Mail Info: pangga.jave@gmail.com / lupangojave@gmail.com

PhoneNumber: 09264003047