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My name is Jave, I am a Software Developer, Online Entrepreneur and Blog / Vlog Content Creator.

I am BS Information technology (BSIT) by profession and more than 3 year’s as Software Developer. I’ve been part of different team in development doing Agile principle. I’ve been part of the team and mostly of my duty is on Business Requirement, and Development. I’ve been part also of QA and support team in short time.


Codelife is a open source notes for all. All topics that posted here is new in my brain or something that makes me sleepless over the night thinking the cause and the solution. So when I face a problem that’s common I only look back here than google it. But if problem is not common I posted a blog solution here so that when I faced same concern I have to looking back my notes than google and select which is best solution.

Mostly of the topics that uploaded here is related to Microsoft, Like Microsoft Visual Studio, VS Code, C# and VB.net, ASP.NET /MVC, Microsoft Azure services, Microsoft DevOps, Git, Microsoft SQL Server and Databases. Other Topics is HTML, CSS, Angular, PHP, Laravel, Postman, MySQL and etc.


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