In this article, We learn how to saved the composed mail into outlook draft using HTTP request in Power Automate. I will show how to do it, and just follow the steps clearly.

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  • Body Request
    • This the sample payload body string of the request.
    "subject":"Testing in Logic App",
        "content":"They were <b>awesome</b>!"
                "address":"[email protected]"
  • This is the connector you can use for this process

  • Actual setup
    1. URI –  Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) is provided above, you can copy and paste that link on your connector.
    2. Method – Method request must be set as HTTP POST.
    3. Content-Type – set as application/json as default.
    4. Body – This is a payload body of the request.
      1. Subject
      2. Body
      3. Receiver

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