In this article, We learn how to create Data Explorer in Azure. I will show how to do it, and just follow the steps clearly.

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Azure is a cloud computing platform and an online portal that allows you to access and manage cloud services and resources provided by Microsoft. These services and resources include storing your data and transforming it, depending on your requirements

Create Azure Data Explorer

To create Data Explorer in Azure portal, first you must have a Resource Group for your resources. For the guide on how to create Resource Group, just refer this link;

If you have already a Resource group or you’ve done creating it. Just go to RG and Create Resources.

Here is the named of my Resource Group “Demo-RG”. Click the Create with plus sign to create resources.

Search “Azure Data Explorer” in search bar and select the first one.

Just click Create to proceed.

Now fill out the following field.

  1. Select the subscription, Where this resource must be charge during the operation.
  2. Select the Resource Group (RG).
  3. Fill out the Cluster name. In my case I named it as “adeclustertraining“. Its means Azure Data Explorer Cluster for training or demo.
  4. Select Region.
  5. For Workload you can select the available option of what suitable in your project. I will not tackle further in this article. because this is for demonstration only I select “Dev/test” option.
  6. you can select the Availability zones. but in my case I will choose the default one.

Next:Scale if you want to make a configuration. but in this case I will stick on default one.

Click the Review + Create

In Review + create page has a complete details of the resources you created.

After reviewing the resource you can hit the Create button to proceed.

After hitting the button Create. Deployment of resource you requested if process. wait for a few minutes to completed created.

When its completed. this will be appeared.

Create Database

After successfully deploying the kusto cluster named “adeclustertraining”. This will be available under your resource group. If you can open the resource group, In my case my resource group named “Demo-RG”.

To create the database just click Add Database here.

To create database just filled out this field. and click Create.

After clicking the create button to create database, just navigate this menu to verify if your database is create. Kustocust->Database->Databasename.

Happy Learning..

Thank you for visiting my blog site. Hoping you learn more here. please feel free to comment and suggest if there is need to enhance and update. thank you.

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