In this article, we learn how to download and install anaconda in your local machine. Please follow the step on how to do it.

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What is Anaconda?

Anaconda the most popular open-source distribution for python and R. It is used for data science, machine learning, deep learning, etc.

Setting Up

First download the anaconda .exe file in this link;

After open and run the anaconda installer.

Select the NEXT button to proceed the installation.

Select I Agree button to proceed the installation.

Select installation setup option of what you prepared for. In my case I open for the recommended option for the default one and do Next button to proceed.

You can pick or select the destination for the file but in my case I choose to the default path location. And select NEXT button to Proceed.

Click Install to proceed the installation of the Anaconda in your local machine.

Wait for a few minute or seconds to finish the installation.

To run the anaconda just search “Anaconda” in windows search bar.

After you run and open the Anaconda, select jupyter and lunch run in local machine.

Now you have the jupyter and you can start create and code a python project.

Happy Learning..

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