In this article we learn how to address if you encounter this issue in your development journey. I will show you how, Just follow the steps clearly.

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init.ps1 cannot be loaded because its operation is blocked by software restriction policies, such as those created by using Group Policy

I encounter this issue and block for almost day fixing this kind of error. I try many solution but its seems like nothing change. Its appear same error and can’t execute EF command like Add-Migration and so on.

After being blocked for several hours and doing research. I found a solution from the trusted website furom.

To resolved that issue just follow this steps clearly.

 Check in Control Panel => Internet Options => Content => Certificates on the Untrusted Publishers tab. Remove Microsoft Corporation from this list.

Or you directly open Internet Options by searching in windows search box in your computer or laptop.

When you open it, there is a window popping up and select the Content window. and Click Certificates to open another window setting.

After clicking the certificate button the there is a another window popping up and proceed to Untrusted Publishers. This is what the view look a like. Select the Microsoft certificate inside the table and remove it by hitting the remove button bellow.

After executing all procedure above, Just simply restart you machine or your Visual Studio application to make sure take effect the changes.

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